Fall and Halloween Edition

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 Decorate for Fall. Do it every year after Halloween

For the past few years, we go to my brother and his family's house to have Halloween with my niece and nephew 

I am not sure, hopefully we will be in Texas

Don't really have a favorite fall recipe 

Really don't have much Fallish weather here. We do get cool weather, so I would say light long sleeve shirt and jeans\legging 

This is my mom's favoite for my brother and I haha. She would make our costumes. On and these glowed in the dark

There are so many haha Reeses

I have always like Hocus Pocus

*hint the shirt I made lol*

NO on scary movies

 I really like apple cider

Hey hey hey

How's it going? Sometimes I forget I even have a blog lol oops. I used to be good at doing posts and reading who I follow. I have been slacking off lately. Even been slacking off with reading, my Paint by Number and Diamond Arts. 

Been busy with life and my new business. 

I just write this blog for me and for whoever wants to read it. Here is an idea, comment below if you read my posts when I post them. I would like to know who reads them

         What going on lately

  • Working on my business
  • Barley going anywhere because of STUPID COVID
  • Hanging out with family and my hamster lol *such a cutie*
  • Seeing what this hurricane season is doing. Been CRAZY 
  • Haven't been to Texas lately. Might be going back this coming Friday
  • Just hanging there, ready for 2020, and COVID to be OVER!!

Hope y'all are doing good during this time. Hopefully it will all get back to normal soon!!

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What's been going on:

Hey y'all!!! Still here!!!!

Not really going anywhere these days. Well, I take that back, I do go pick up food from the store or go to the doctors. I have been limiting myself to going to a lot of places.... still. I did however go to Target and did not feel the vibe that I usually do. I did get two things. I usually walked around the store, but this trip I did not.

I did start a new business last month. I had 2 orders so far and making premade. items You can find my page on Facebook at KD Creations!! I am still working on my hair ties.

Hope y'all are staying safe!!! 


Bad blogger here

Hey I am still here. Just being a bad blogger

Gumbo the hamster is doing good!!! So happy he is in my life
They are finally back!!!!!!

I have heard that hockey is going to be back too!!! Oh man, I have missed sports so much. Been watching a lot of Family Feud(which is a funny and fun show to watch) 


Have a  great weekend everyone!!! Stay safe!!!

My 39th birthday (July 4th)

My mom threw me and my nephew a birthday party on my actual birthday(July 4th). My nephew's birthday was July 1st. For about 3 years now we have a party together at my mom and stepdad's house. Just my brother and his family and my dad came. We had good food and lots of fun in the pool!!!  

I love sharing a birthday party with him and he loves it too

Finally got one!!!
Got this from my sister-in-law, brother and the kids!!! It's cool!!! 

The full cup

Finally got one!!!! I love it. I have already done 2 projects