Hi.....still hanging

Hey everyone, still hanging in there!! It's been awhile I have blog. I left my laptop at home in Louisiana, so I am using my dad's laptop. I have been in Texas for 2 weeks so far. 

Self quarantine and being bored does NOT mix at all. I have ordered some games and things to do!!! Hopefully this will keep me entertained for awhile hahaha 

Hang in there!!! We are all in this together 

Meet Gumbo...........

I got a hamster Friday. I have had one when I was younger and loved her. This time I got a  male and he is too cute. 

This is his second cage. The 1st one was old and was missing some parts and the wheel was so loud I couldn't sleep Friday night. This cage has so many cool things he plays in.

They say wait for atleast 48 house to pick him up because he has to get used to the new environment. Sunday was the 1st day he has gotten out of his house and we tried the ball, wasn't quite sure of it.

So Monday, I put him back in the ball and he's learning to use it. Baby steps

LARC's Acadian Village

A week ago, I went here with a family friend. It was pretty\pretty cool!!!

Here is about the Houses Around the Village

Pearland's Farmers Market

Sunday my dad and I went to the Pearland's Farmers Market. It was pretty cool, very small and very friendly people. 

They are from Shark Tank......Cousins Maine Lobster

OMG so good!!!!!

Made this with chicken tonight and it was amazing

Can't wait to make this 

Got this to help me keep focus. Hope it works. I have serve ADHD