Speechless Saturday

by Kelly , Saturday, November 07, 2009
My grandparents lost their Brown Cocker Spaniel this year. She was a very sweet dog. She died of old age. Their black one was very very depress when her sister died. She wouldnt eat, or do anything. 3 weeks later a friend of theirs had this dog, a male chihuahua to show them. So they said ok, bring him over. So she did and Nikki loved him. So they got him and his name is Toby. He is a long body chihuahua, he is tooooo darn cute. He spend weeks on the streets as a baby =( but now he is a happy little dog.

Anyways this picture is priceless, my grandparents were outside and they have a tombstone of Andy. My grandma walked over and saw the doggies this way, she grab her cell and took a picture and send it to us. I added the words and I had tears in my eyes when I saw this. It's priceless........

This is Andy.................

We miss you and love you sweet Andy Girl, you were the best!!!

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  1. What a sweet story! It's like your puppy and your grandparents dog were including Andy! I still miss my dog, Millie, who was a black and white springer spaniel, who passed away when I was 12. Every time I see a spaniel I think of her!

  2. both of those dogs in the pics are my grandparents, but i think of them as mine as well =)

    my grandparents cries everytime they see a dog like Andy......but are very bless with Nikki and Toby

    awww sorry to hear about your doggie. cocker spaniels are so great. when i was little we had a white one and he was wild lol


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