My weekend

Hope y'all are having a great weekend as I am. Just catching up on school work and reading The Last it so far!!! Cannot wait for the movie. Spend most of the weekend reading and doing school work outside, since it was so pretty out

Friday I just relax from going to Dentist most of the week. I had 3 fillings done that day and I was so numb and hurting, all I wanted to do is sleep and I did.

Saturday I went to went to see
Love their chemistry in the movie.........the movie is funny!!! Go see it

Oh and I got the NBA package on my computer so I can watch the Mavs games since I cannot watch them all the time like I can watch my Hornets!!! It was $24 and some change......Also looking for some great tickets for the Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum concert.....they are coming here in April and really soon....also looking for some great Michael Buble tickets, he is coming here in July!!!

Sunday I went to get a car wash and seems that everyone wanted a car wash today too

Then after the car wash, I went to Wal-mart market to get food and I found my amazing NY Style Bagel Chips,
Garlic flavor........they are so yummy and addicted hahaha
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Grandma's Surprise Celebration

Last night(Wednesday) we went to a wonderful party for my wonderful\amazing Grandma. She retired from being President of a Mardi Gras Krewe and she is going to a float to have some FUN. It was also her Birthday, it was a wonderful night!!!!! I was still under the weather, but there was NO way I would have missed this night. 


The trick to get her to come was, she thought she was having dinner with 2 other couple at one couple's house, little did she know, there was a party for her....SUPRISE

 Greeting her guests

 With her amazing cake

 Me and the guest of honor
I love her so very much

 The Krewe gave her a lifetime membership

 The wonderful lady who
planned this whole thing


Family photo's
my sister and brother were missing

 The wonderful host and hostess with my grandparets