Sibling Love

My grandma text me this sweet picture of her two amazing dogs. She said she brought them each a bed and they wanted to lay in this one together!!! I just love these two dogs so much

My good and bad and good weekend

Friday was the 75th Cotton Bowl, my LSU TIGERS vs A&M AGGIES!!! At the end my beloved Tigers won!!!! The final score was: LSU-41 AGGIES-24

Saturday was the 1st game of the Playoffs. My Saints were playing in the Wild Card game against The Seahawks. Sadly they lost and got knocked out of the playoffs. They will always be SUPER BOWL CHAMPS to me. They ended up being: 11-6-0, 2nd NFC South

Sunday, it was cold and rainy, all I wanted to do was stay in and stay warm. But my mom wanted to go shopping, so I sucker in for that. I did end up getting some cute clothes, which I really needed. We had lunch and then headed home. I went back to my house, put PJs and chilling for the rest of the night watching Law&Order SVU on Nexflix on Wii.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! I got a busy few days ahead of me this week

My heartaches for my Saints

Unfortunately my beloved Saints ended their season on Saturday against the Seahawks. They didn't play their best, they didn't play like they wanted to be there. They ended up being: 11-6-0, 2nd NFC South.  Cannot wait for next season!!! I am so proud to be a Saints fan and they will ALWAYS be Super Bowl Champs in my heart.

One last chant until next season:

Bless you boys!!!!


Today is the 1st game of the NFL Playoffs. For some reason I am so NERVOUS!!! But I have FAITH and I BELIEVE that the Saints will WIN!!!!

Got my Saints shirt on and ready for the game!!!

And my hand painted glass that my grandma made!!!