Saying good bye to a wonderful pet is so hard to do

by Kelly , Monday, June 13, 2011
Sunday night around 11:46pm I got a text from my mom saying that our sweet family dog who was 10 yrs old passed away in her sleep. She was already in pain with hurt bones, but she was doing somewhat great. My brother and I headed over there to have a service for her. She is buried next two 2 of the other sweet dogs that passed away and both were really sick at the end.

She will surely missed. She was a great dog. So many great memories we had with her.

There were so many great memories of her, but there is 2 I will never forget:

1. She was a 80 pound dog, but she thought she was still a puppy, so if you sit on the ground, she would get in your lap and sit there.

2. You "What Dixie? What Dixie?" and she would bark


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  1. I am so sorry for your loss! Losing a pet is never easy. :(


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