What a day and night we had

by Kelly , Sunday, June 05, 2011
It all started out a beautiful hot day here in BR. The all of the sudden BAM!!! A bad thunderstorm hit. It was like a hurricane, but the news said it was a mini tornado. Power went out at 3:49 in the afternoon. My dad called the power company and they said it will be back on at 2AM. Then it started to hail and my car got hail on it(no damages that I can see) the neighbourhood looks like a total wreck, trees down, branches down. It looked like there was a hurricane. My dad's friend called him on our way to find something to eat and he told us that a tree went straight in his kitchen then his daughter and hubby gazebo got picked up and landed on their house. Thank GOD no one was hurt. After dinner, my dad called the power company again and they said it was going to be at 4AM, so we headed to one of his friends house where he had power and stayed for awhile. About an hour later, we headed back home and played some games to killed time. Around 2 something he called the power company again this time they said it was going to be around 8AM. That time we all headed to bed trying to sleep, at 2:49 it FINALLY came back on. This has been a crazy day and night.  Sunday is yard pick up day, even though we got some of it picked up, there is still plenty left to be done. 

Please I asking you all to pray for the people in Baton Rouge, La (some are not in their homes tonight due to trees)  We are fine, thank you God for that, but some were not lucky. MOST of Baton Rouge was out of power today.

Well, I am going to try to get some sleep, hopefully Sunday is a better day................Today was scary and it's even Hurricane season =(

Hope y'all had a great Saturday!!! 

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