Saturday we went to NOLA to go to the Zephyrs game.

They are a minor league team for the Marlins. It was fun but, it was hot as well. That's what you get for living in Southern La. It got somewhat warmer at night. Here are a few pictures from that fun day.

Did I mention that 2 of the cast of Swamp People were there, taking pictures and signing things?

They were VERY VERY nice. This is Joe and Tommy (Step father and Step son) and of course with me. I have seen some episodes and they are pretty funny and cool

Before the game warming up

 Iowa Cubs warming up

The Zephyrs starting picther Chris Sampson. He also played for the Astros

 1st pitch

Both mangers and umps meeting at the mound before the game

The National Anthem and there was a little league team that were there and they were on the field with the players.

 Play Ball

Zephyrs dugout

This batter played for LSU and played in the Majors some for the Cubs.
He went back to AAA because the player he was filling in for came back.

 DJ LeMahieu

Pool area

 From another view

 Meeting at the mound

 The Saints practice field and offices.
Too bad it's not being used right now =(


Waiting for his turn(the picther)

Last out

Hopefully we can get to go to another game this year before the season ends.
Wish it was somewhat closer to us. But it's always fun to go when we have the time.

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