Mardi Gras Ball

in , by Kelly , Monday, January 30, 2012
It's that time of year again.....MARDI GRAS!!!!! This past Saturday, my mom, stepdad and I headed  to my grandparents to attend a Mardi Gras ball. My Grandma is in it every year. As always it was so much fun. 

Sunday we headed home and just chilled lol......Today is a low key day too 

Me before the ball......all dress up

My Grandma's krewe

The FUN maids

Mother and Daughter duo

Me with my grandma

My stepdad and my mom

The start of the ball

The past King and Queen

The Board

The Captain

Here comes the Maids

 My grandma's turn

This year's King

This year's Queen

These girl's were too cute

King and Queen: Husband and Wife

Their daughter with my grandpa
(she asked my grandpa to walked her to her parents)

Beautiful and Handsome

Me with the King and Queen

It was their 28th Anniversary
(their son-in-law with the cake)

The beautiful and yunmmy cake

The band even played their song that they danced to at their wedding

 Having a great time

The Queen is doing the 2nd line

The band was amazing as always

The Queen and her beautiful daughter

 My grandma's Mardi Gras decorations 

The glasses my grandma painted

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  1. Those pictures make me miss home! Looks like you had a blast! And you look great! Loving the mardi gras tree too, so cute! Glad you had a good time!


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