Update on my cousin

As some of y'all read that my cousin was in a skiing accident yesterday morning and broke his pelvis. His sister flew to Denver to be with him and to keep all of us updated. She told us that he is having 2 separate surgeries... The first one at 2:30 today. The spine specialist is going to be putting a plate at the base of the spine where it connects to his pelvis. The second will be either tomorrow or Sunday. The pelvis specialist will then put in screws on both sides of his pelvis. He will be in the hospital for about a week, if all goes well. I know that GOD is with him every step!!! 

On top of that bad day, it was their older brother's birthday, who passed away 2 years ago. 

Thank you all for the prayers and I ask you to please continue to pray for him and my family


For my cousin Andrew. He was in a skiing accident this morning and broke his pelvis. He is being transported to Denver and may require surgery.  He has GOD in the ER with him. 

The Vow

Yesterday I saw the Vow and I LOVED it!!! I did have some tears. I recommend it to everyone. 

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum were WONDERFUL!!!

RIP Whitney Houston- 1963-2012

My prayers and thoughts goes out to her family, friends and those who loved her. Her songs are amazing. Loved her in the Bodyguard. She will be missed so much...

With her beautiful daughter

Things I am loving TODAY

My AMAZING business!!!! I love what I am doing

One of my FAVORITE Disney movies

I so so LOVE this bathroom set!!! Too cute. Too bad I share a bathroom with my brother hahaha

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!! Have a great weekend everyone

So many things to write about

Congrats to the New York Giants and local boy, Eli Manning on winning the Super Bowl!! So proud. Hopefully next year it will be my Saint!!!

I am so HAPPY that season 2 of The Voice started tonight!!! This show is AMAZING!!!

Now it's time to keep watching Basketball and wait for Baseball season to start 

My favorite Super Bowl commercials are: