Kind of a shocker

When I heard Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were getting a divorce, I was kind of shock. Also I thought about poor sweet Suri. I thought Katie and Tom were a cute couple. Hope they can get along for Suri's sake. No child needs their parents fighting in front of them.

Plink review

How many times you try to find something to make your garbage disposals smell somewhat better? Alot for me. I put orange and lemon peels down and run the disposal and it works sometimes. 

I was at the store today and I found these. All you have to do is run your disposal to get everything out, then turn it off, turn the water on thin, turn on disposal and drop one of the little ball down the sink and left it on for a few seconds and then turn it off and enjoy your freshly smell sink. 

They come in different scents.  You do it twice a week. 

Happy Father's Day

I want to wish my dad a very Happy Father's Day. I Love him so very much. He is a WONDERFUL dad!!! He means so so much to me and my brother. 

I also want to wish my stepdad and grandpa a very Happy Father's day as well. They are very special to me also. I love them very very much. They are wonderful men too. 

An touching story

You will get tears in your eyes (happy tears that is) when you watch this amazing video and read the article!!!!! What a sweet little boy (click on the title)

Cooper Hears Mom’s Voice for First Time: Viral Video of Toddler with Cochlear Implants