He is my love

in , by Kelly , August 26, 2012

Prayers are needed

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Yesterday I found out that my sweet grandma has lung cancer but however it's a stage 0. She is a 5 year breast cancer survivor also. Two weeks from today she will go get the lump out. Yes I am scared, but she is a fighter and she is very strong. My mom said that my grandma is scared, but she knows that she will be getting the lump out soon. My mom is going over there in 2 weeks and I am probably going too. My grandma is like a second mom to me. She means so much to me. I know GOD is watching her and I know he is telling her that everything will be just fine. I know everything will be just fine. 


Final goodbye

by Kelly , August 20, 2012
Today we are saying a final goodbye to a dear sweet friend who died last Thursday. We will so miss him. I know he is looking down on his wife and son and smiling. He is our angel for sure. 

RIP Jeremy. We miss you and love you. Also Happy Birthday!!!

My weekend

by Kelly , August 20, 2012
This weekend was fun, but very very rainy and wet YUCK!!!! 

Friday, I went out to watch the Saints game.........which they lost but it's only preseason 

Saturday, I went to the mall with my brother and his very sweet girlfriend. 

Me and brother's girlfriend

Brother and his girlfriend

I got these for my wall!!!

They look GOOD on the wall

Sunday, I have been having this dresser since I was little. I redid my room a few years ago and I switched dressers. It got too small for my things. So I got new handles for my old one and fix it up and put it in my room. ALL of my clothes and stuff fits.........YAY!!! I am loving it AGAIN!!!

 In process and loving it!!!!!

Hope y'all had a great one!!! Have a great week 

Gone but not forgotten

by Kelly , August 16, 2012
Today was a very rough day. A family friend who was a sheriff deputy was killed in the line of duty along with another  sheriff . Jeremy was my brother's best friend, teammate in college and very sweet person. He leaves behind a wife and a 2 yr old son. The other sheriff leaves behind a wife and 5 kids. 2 others were shot as well , they are at the hospital. They have 6 people in custody. I cannot believe that Jeremy is gone. He was 27. One year younger then my brother. 

Please please say prayers for the families and those who loved them. May GOD watch over their families and those who loved them. Please pray for the sheriffs who are in the hospital.

Ummmmm really?

by Kelly , August 09, 2012
So now ANYONE can get a reality show these days?  Why is this little girl and her family getting their own show? Maybe they just want to be "famous" I am embarrass for this family after seeing the previews.

As a person raised in the south not all of us are like that.I am ashamed. 

 I will NOT watch this show for sure. 

It's a waste of TV space. REALLY TLC??? 

What show am I talking about?
Friday was AMAZING. I went to see Jake Owen, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney in NOLA. My first time seeing them all. Grace Potter was there too and she was good. 

Today I have no voice, but hey, it was sooooooo worth it

I am a member of Jake Owen's fan club and I got to meet him. He was so sweet and very friendly.

Jake Owen was the 1st one up

 Grace Potter

 Getting ready for Tim McGraw

All ready for Kenny Chesney

Flying over 

Grace Potter and Kenny Chesney

Tim again

Signing together

All 4

My shirt

My Jake Owen pass

My ticket

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