So far this season for the Saints isn't the way they wanted to go. Sean Payton is suspended for a year, players are still out. Even though they are 0-3, I am standing behind my beloved Saints. I am not like these people if their team is having a rough start they are not pulling for them. I am NOT a fan of bandwagon fans. 

Doesn't matter if your team is having a bad start or season you stick behind them..........because that's what fans do.......REAL fans!!!   I have faith that they will come back. It's just week 3, still got alot of games left.

I really really hope next home game the fans don't have bags on their heads. That's uncalled for. If you are a TRUE fan you would NOT do that. You can tell who the REAL fans are and the FAKE fans are.

Also these rookie refs are HORRIBLE all over the NFL!!! I want the regular refs back.


Love my new things

Today my mom and I went shopping and I found these cute things at different stores.  I love shopping with my mom. She goes to cute stores!!! Great deals too =)

Phone dump

Sweet baby boy

My new fall eye shadows. Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet from Sephora

 Gear Up or Shut Up..........LOVE this

Got all of these for $17 at Charlotte Russe

Love the smells 

Grandpa's flag. Grandma's angel 

Enjoying a pretty day

So so true

9/11/01 & 9/11/04

As the 11th anniversary of 9/11/01 is today and we remember the ones who lost their lives on that horrible day. We pray for each family and friends who lost their love ones. We will NEVER forget this day as long as we live.

My thoughts and prayers goes to the ones who lost their love ones and friends on that tragic day!!! They will NEVER be forgotten. They ALL died as heroes

I just want to thank all the men and women who are fighting for this AMAZING Country that I live in!!!! May GOD bless each and everyone of y'all!!!!  Be safe, we love y'all and praying for y'all

Also I am glad that the horrible person who did all of this DEAD!!!! 

My dad’s friend was in New York for a meeting that day in one of the Towers. The guys he was supposed to meet there were not in yet. So he and the guys he was with were on their way out of the hotel and that's when they heard of what happened.

I was going to class and saw my teacher and some other teachers watching it on the TV. Then after school, going home, I was listing to it on the radio and then watching it all night long and into the wee hours in the morning and then again in school for the rest of the week.  

Where were you on this day? How did you hear about it?

9/11/04, Today is also the 8th anniversary when my Grandma (dad's mom) passed away. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt, wife (her husband died in August 1981, one month after I was born), wonderful mother of 3 kids (2 sons and 1 daughter) and a wonderful grandma of 4 grand kids (3 granddaughters and 1 grandson)  

Dear Grandma, 
It's hard to believe that you have been gone for 8 years. We all miss you very much. I know you are looking down on all of with Grandpa, smiling. We love you so so so much. We are taking care of Aunt Mae. She is doing great.  Love your Family

Are you ready for some Football????

Tonight starts the 2012 season of NFL football!!!! I am so excited. 

I am not liking the Rookie Refs. 

I am not liking that Saints head coach, Sean Payton is not coaching this season. But he will be back next season!!! 

I am in a Fantasy football league for the 1st time!!! Wish me team is Team Coco Chanel =)  Hope my team wins!! $175 is calling my name. 

Are you a Pro-football fan? Who is your team? 

Good luck to ALL the teams this season.............only 1 wins the Super Bowl!!!

Look what we are getting

I love DQ. I go when I get a chance. Now we are getting one!!!!