Happy Halloween

Hope y'all have a great and safe Halloween

58 Wonderful years for a WONDERFUL couple

Two amazing people in my life got married and started their lives together. They are such amazing role models, amazing parents and amazing grandparents. I hope someday I will find someone very special and be married for 58 years.

You may kiss the bride

With their families

Mr. and Mrs.

My FAVORITE picture 

They are my world

With their 2 sweet dogs

With their family..........missing my sister, my aunt and her family

Stand UP to Cancer

 Breast cancer came into my family in 2007. My grandma, who is like my second mom. She is the glue to our family and she means so much to all of us. Here is a post I wrote a few years ago. I read it on and off and I still have tears. But I thank GOD every single day that my grandma is still here with us and being herself 

If you or anyone you know had\has cancer, my thoughts and prayers are with you and with them. 


Always tell the ones you love them everyday

Today I found out a sweet blogger, Julee, lost her husband yesterday in a car accident  My heart hurts for her, her daughter, and the Turner\Bell family. I am praying for all of the family at this sad time. May GOD watch over this family through this sad time. Please pray for the Turner\Bell family. 

You can read the article here 

You meet wonderful people in blogging. You get to know them and they become family in blogging. 

Always tell the ones you love everyday you love them, because you never know when it will be the last time

Welcome back Sean Payton..........

well at least for tonight that is. Drew Brees asked the NFL if Payton and Mickey Loomis can come back for tonight's game so they can see him Johnny Unitas' half-century-old record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass. The NFL said YES!!!!  It's going to be so cool!!! I hope they win too. Win of loose I still LOVE my Saints!!!!