LA trip Day 5- June 7th

Friday was our last day in Cali. We woke up, got ready, checkout and headed out to do other things. We went to Paramountand took a tour, which was pretty cool. Learned things I never knew. Saw some stars. 

Then we just drove around before heading to the airport for or 11:45pm flight to Houston. Here are some pictures from that day.

Hopefully someday I get to go back again. It was beautiful, the weather was wonderful, 70s and 60s. Nothing like we get where I live. The people were very friendly and the food was great.  

We were in the Coffee Bean waiting for our tour, my dad recognized this guy, but couldn't figured out what his name was. I kept saying it was the guy who played Hanging with Mr. Cooper. It turned it was, Mark Curry. He is in a show with Scott Baio on Nickelodeon. He was VERY nice and asked it if wanted to take picture with him. I called my dad to take the picture, but Mark Curry took my camera and it to a guy to take our picture. Then started to talk to us. 

Some of the shows that are filmed on the lot

Forest Gump's bench where Tom Hanks sat

Of course I went to the Kardashian's store, VERY small. But wonderful customer service. I got a few things.

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LA trip Day 4 (picture overload) June 6th

Thursday we went on a Hollywoodtour. They took us to famous spots and saw celeb houses. It was very cool. After the tour we just walked around and some of the famous stars and spots. Then we headed downtown L.A to go to the LA Kings playoff game. It was my very 1st NHL game. It was very cool!! Sad they lost, but it was a GREAT game. 

Julia Roberts’s hotel at the end of Pretty Woman where Richard Gere went to at the end and kissed her 

Where they premier Disney movies 

So as we get to the house, I remember some, so bare with me

 Houses from Halloween 

Was the Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's it's Christina Aguilera's house

Where Lindsay Lohan wrecked one of her cars

Aaron Spelling's house

George Clooney's aunt's house. Where he lived when he 1st game to L.A

Was Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's house

Where Micheal Jackson's house he was staying in while working on his last tour. The house he passed away in

Playboy house

The Bunny house

50cent's house

Simon Cowell's house

Dr. Phil and Robin's house 

Keau Reeves' house

Toby McGuire's house

Mark Wahlberg's house

Having a beer before the game

Dad with the KINGS cheerleaders

We were ready

Loving this only B&W pic I took

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