What the heck?!?!

by Kelly , October 30, 2013
Saw this on the Today Show this morning and thought it was very sick and how this grown lady is a bully. You do NOT do this. Poor kids. Don't mess up Halloween for kids. She is childish. Hope they find her

Woman swaps letters for candy in obesity fight

It was a great while it lasted

in , by Kelly , October 19, 2013
Friday the Dodgers lost in the NLCS............boooo. I was so honored to had a chance to see a Dodger game this past summer. I had a great time. Till next year Dodgers!!!

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What a great Friday

in , , by Kelly , October 19, 2013
My dad and I headed out of town to see my brother, SIL and fur nephew. We went to my brother's football game where he is an assistant coach at. Even through they lost, it was a fun. Already miss them. Rico had a great time playing with his fur cousin =)

On the way. Had to sit in the back to keep him busy

Finally lay down(for a few minutes)

Pretty night for Football

 A very very proud big sister

My brother and SIL to be

His team warming up

My brother the coach

Mrs. Kathy. My brother coached her oldest son in College and he coaches her youngest in H.S

Slumber party with Rico and Striker

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

What the (blank) is wrong with people

by Kelly , October 14, 2013
Friday was a very sad day for Vikings football player, Adrian Peterson. His sweet 2 year old son was abused by a sick sick man. The man was\is the boyfriend of Peterson's ex-girlfriend. The sweet little angel passed away on Friday. My heart aches for Peterson and his family. What the hell is wrong with people?! The man is now in jail and hope to GOD he is NOT on a bond. He doesn't need to be on bond, he needs to rot in prison\hell for what he did to that sweet baby boy. Can we just stop the abusing and the bullying and the violence? No parent should ever laid their child to rest. No child or anyone should go through this. My prayers and thoughts are with the Peterson Family. RIP Sweet baby boy

Article here 
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MLB Playoffs

in , by Kelly , October 09, 2013
I am a HUGE baseball fan. Born and raised one. My brother played all of his life and now he is a coach.

Anyways, I am enjoying watching this years playoffs. I am pulling for the Dodgers to win it all the way. Ever since I went to L.A in June and went to the Dodgers game, I am in love with them. However, I have always loved Donnie Baseball since he was a Yankee.

My teams I am pulling for are:
Dodger, Cards, Rays and A's.

Dodgers are going going on to round 2  =)
Boston beat the Rays =(

I am hoping for the W.S: Dodgers and A's. Win it all DODGERS

Do you like MLB? Are you watching the playoffs? Who are you pulling for?

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