What a difference a year makes

in , by Kelly , December 29, 2013

Before Christmas, I lost 22 pounds and 17.25 inches......down 2 pants sizes 
I feel great about myself.......lots of support. Meltdowns too lol. I have faith in myself. Got more to lose

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Will it ever heal?

by Kelly , December 15, 2013
Well I am in a hard cast. It's been 7 weeks since I fractured my pinky. X rays after X rays. MRI  the Dr found nothing. Put me in a brace. But he said it's still swollen and puffy. So Thursday he put a me in a hard cast for 2 weeks. Not happy about that. Just hope this works.

Have a great week everyone

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I went to the Mavericks game in NOLA on the 4th. I am a big Mavs fan and was so happy to go. I had a great time. Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban and I did a selfie. He took my phone and took the pic. It was so cool. Mavs won!!!! Here are some pics from the night 

Me and Cuban

LOVE the seats we were in

Me and Cuban again

Saints\Pelicans Owner in the middle, with wife on right and granddaughter on left

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