(PICTURE OVERLOAD) My trip to see Derek Jeter's last game at Minute Maid..Yankees@ Astros

Last Thursday, my dad and I headed to Houston to see the Yankees @ Astros. It was Derek Jeter's last game at Minute Maid. He is retiring this year =( I had a blast. It was so much fun. This was my 3rd time seeing him play. 1 time in NY and 2 times in Houston.  The Yankees won and it was my dad's birthday too. 

Here are the pictures I took of this great game and seeing Derek Jeter for the last time 

My selfie "with" Jeter lol 

Batting practice 

Our seats were awesome!!!!

Play ball!!!!


My cup and shirt I got

 photo 67081922b_zps32f8ac24.png

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