My baby boy

Pets are your family. They are your fur baby. When they are sick or down, you feel sad for them.

 My baby boy is in the vet. He has been there since Tuesday. This past weekend he was very sluggish, wouldn't eat, drink. It was making me sad. We took him to the vet on Tuesday and they had to take tests and he is spending his 2nd night at the vet. The people at the vet were very nice to let us see him some Wednesday. He was very happy to see us and calmed. Hopefully he gets to go home today

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In 3 weeks

That I am  going to see Miss USA!!!! I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun. Here is the lucky girl who is going to be a contestant for my home state......

For other contestants

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This is why I love the Saints

Article and video

Welcome to the Saints Devon. Congrats on graduating and signing with the Saints.......WHO DAT!!!!

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Mavericks and more

I am sad that the Dallas Mavericks are out of the NBA playoffs. They sure did fight the Spurs, but ran out of gas towards the end. They went to Game 7. Heck of a season guys!!!! I am glad that I got to see them in NOLA in December and met Mark Cuban. Can't wait for next season!!! Mavs Fan For Life

I  still have 2 other teams I am pulling for in the NBA that are going to Round 2.

 I have 2 NHL team's that's going on Round 2 and hope another team soon.

Playoff seasons makes me so nervous, mainly when I have teams playing. I am VERY VERY superstitious. I get that from my brother, so thanks Chris lol

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Merryville Baseball

Thursday we went to see my brother coach and his team play in the playoffs. I was so happy that they were playing somewhat close to us. It was great seeing them, but very sad that they lost and their season is over. 

My brother the coach

 Rally caps time 
I am so proud to call this guy my baby brother. He is the best brother a girl could ask for. He is a wonderful coach. I am so proud of what he has become. I love him so much
 So glad that I saw this lady. My brother coached one of her sons in College and now he is coaching her other son in HS. She is a very nice lady
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