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So so happy that my New Orleans won the game last night. They NEEDED that win sooooooo bad!!! Let's do it again Thursday!!!! 

Enough is enough

by Kelly , October 24, 2014
Was reading Twitter and Facebook, saw there was a school shooting in a town North of Seattle.  A popular student came in the lunch room and shot fire. People are saying that he was popular and recently was bullied. He is dead and there are 2 others that have died in the hospital. The others who were hurt are in surgery. I can't imaging what they are going through and what the parents of all of the students. 

My thoughts and prayers are with this town. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the students who are in the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the students who were killed. 

Some people WILL blame the parents of the shooter, but they are in my prayers. They lost a love one too. 


Praying for Ottawa

by Kelly , October 23, 2014
I have love for Canada. I have 2 AMAZING friends that live in Canada and LOVED it when I visited it. there a few months ago

Yesterday there were shooting in Ottawa. Some horrible people shot fire in the National War Memorial. An Canadian soldier was killed. A brave man, parliament's sergeant-at-arms, is a hero. He shot the gunman. They believe that there was more then 1 shooters. If there was, I really hope they find them SOON.

Please pray for the Canadian soldier's family and the others who were hurt during this sad day

Rico got a new Saints jersey

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Start spreading the news.......

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I am going to New York at the end of November -December 7th. I am so EXCITED!!! I can't wait!!!! I have been to New York in 03. I have always wanted to go in December and I get to see all the Christmas things. Maybe it will snow =)
Let the countdown start....43 days left

I'm against Bullying

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Breast Cancer and my family

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I have posted this before, I will post this every OCTOBER

That person is my best friend, my 2nd mom and my grandma. She found out she had Breast Cancer in 2007. See, no female in her family had it, so it was kind of a shock to her and all of us. They say that Breast Cancer runs in the family.

When I found out she had it, I cried most of the night. You really don’t know how it feels until someone in your family has it. You feel like someone just punched you. You ask “Why” “How” You feel depressed, even though she didn’t want me too.

I would call her everyday to see how her day was, was she having a good one or a bad one. We would talk for hours. Sometimes I would just get choked up and start to cry. She told me she would be ok, she was strong. I believed her, she was.

She had her amazing family and her wonderful friends by her side. She was blessed with everyone that loved her.

There was one holiday we couldn’t all be together, cause some of us were sick or getting over a cold and they say don’t get around a cancer patient when you're sick, because their Immune System is not strong and they would get very sick, or even die. But we called her and told her Happy Thanksgiving and we will see her at Christmas, which we did.

A few months or a year after she was better, she was doing a breast exam and she felt a “bump” on the same breast. She called her Doctor and they checked it out and it was tissue, which was a big relief for all of us.

I don’t know what I would do if I had lost my best friend/grandma. She is an amazing person. She is a dear, wonderful, kind, not your typical grandma (which I am fine with). I love her sooooo much and I always, always will. The 2 of us have this special bond that NO ONE could ever break. I am just so glad she is here with us today and CANCER FREE!!!!!


I love who I am

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All of my life I was made fun. I was bullied too. I was held behind in alot of grades. Went to 6 different schools. Once in grade school my younger brother was sent to the principal office because he was standing up for me. Now that's a nice and caring brother. I dropped out of school because I was bullied. I refused to go back. My parents were AMAZING in all of this. I tried to get my GED, but it did't worked out. I finally went back to school and I LOVED that school!!! I made great grades, had tears I loved.  I was 21 when I finally finished High School. I graduated one year AFTER my younger brother. I did NOT go to college, but I am TRYING to get my GED again....this year I took my 1st test, passed one part and have to take the essay again. I have great an AMAZING support system....family and GOD

I am overweight, I still think I am pretty NO MATTER what people say. I will NEVER be skinny, but I am working on loosing weight and trying be healthy. 

I have an wonderful job that I love. I am in my 30's and still living at home. Not married yet.....you know what? I REALLY DON'T CARE what others think about me.  I LOVE me for who I am. My family and GOD loves me and that's all what matters to me

One of my favorite songs right now. It's so good

Tonight Kings hockey is BACK!!!! I am so excited hockey is back and the Kings are raising the Stanley Cup Banner!!!!! LET'S GO KINGS!!!!!!

My baseball team is out

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Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an outstanding job this year. Y'all fought hard in the playoffs...........can't wait for next season!!!
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