Great season Mavs

Thank you for a great season Mavs. Y'all fought so hard during the playoffs!! Looking forward to next season. Proud to be a Mavericks fan

Praying for Nepal


I got my Mets Tickets and they are pretty good the outfield.
I am so excited, can't wait to go!!!!

It's game day!!!

It's Mavericks game day and they are at home in front of their crowd......I have faith that they are going to win this game......LET'S GO MAVS!!!!


I got my Yankees tickets in and they are AMAZING seats. I am so excited, can't wait to go

NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs started and my team started on Saturday....the lost to the Rockets
Last night they played game 2 and lost again.........they are fighting hard. Friday they will play again at their home, I have FAITH in them!!! LET'S GO MAVS!!! Y'ALL GOT THIS

New Jersey\New York 2015

Going back in June and I am so's going to be so much fun, Can't wait to see it in the Spring time. Going to a Yankees and Mets game too

MLB 2015 Opening Day

It's Opening Day!!!! 
I am a Yankees-Dodgers-Cubs-Astros fan. 
This year it's going to be weird not seeing Derek Jeter play for the Yankees!!! I wish the new SS the best of luck!!! He's got some BIG shoes to filled, but I know he will do a great job. Can't wait to go back to NY and see a game 
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