So close to home

by Kelly , July 24, 2015
When I saw "close to home" I mean an HOUR away from where I am from. Thursday night there was a movie theater shooting in Lafayette, La......7 people hurt and 3 people dead, the coward man is also dead. You hear about shooting everywhere, on the news, but when it's in your own state and a hour away from where you are from, it really doesn't feel real. What are people thinking? What in the heck is wrong with this world? 

I really feel bad for the babies being born in this world. The kids being brought up in this world. My nephew is 3 weeks old and this really scares me...........I am heartbroken, I am angry with this person. My heart aches for the people who were hurt and the ones who died.............mainly to the families. WHEN IS ENOUGH GOING TO BE ENOUGH??????????

Prayers for Chattanooga, Tennessee

by Kelly , July 18, 2015

Been MIA

by Kelly , July 03, 2015
Hey everyone, wow what a week I had!!!! Just got back from out of town.........will write a post about my AMAZING WEEK!!!! Have a safe and happy 4th and weekend

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