So close to home

by Kelly , Friday, July 24, 2015
When I saw "close to home" I mean an HOUR away from where I am from. Thursday night there was a movie theater shooting in Lafayette, La......7 people hurt and 3 people dead, the coward man is also dead. You hear about shooting everywhere, on the news, but when it's in your own state and a hour away from where you are from, it really doesn't feel real. What are people thinking? What in the heck is wrong with this world? 

I really feel bad for the babies being born in this world. The kids being brought up in this world. My nephew is 3 weeks old and this really scares me...........I am heartbroken, I am angry with this person. My heart aches for the people who were hurt and the ones who died.............mainly to the families. WHEN IS ENOUGH GOING TO BE ENOUGH??????????

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  1. When I saw this on the news last night my heart just sank. What a crazy world we live in. So many prayers for the families involved.


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