Fuller House

by Kelly , February 26, 2016
I LOVED Full House and I was so excited when they were making Fuller House. So far it's funny and cute. LOVE seeing all the old cast members coming back. Hope this show will last along time like Full House!!! Check it out on Netfix

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Hanging in there

in , by Kelly , February 16, 2016
Sunday was a week since my sweet Easton went to heaven. It really doesn’t feel like a week.

The other day I thought I heard him barking. Yesterday when it was raining so bad, I caught myself going outside to bring him in. He HATED bad storms. Usually he would "bangs" at the window to let him in. 

We got Easton's ashes last week, that made it real. On the way to the vet, I was shaking and felt tears in my eyes. Then on my way back how, I was holding back tears. When I got in the carport, I just sat there for 5 minutes and looked out the backyard. When I got inside, I went to the kitchen, sat down and read the papers that they had for the owners......there were two poems and other thing in it. That's when I busted out crying. I took the box out of the bag and looked at it for a few minutes. It was so beautiful. I kissed it and told him how much we missed him and how much we loved him. Oh and my grandparents got us a beautiful stone for Easton. 

Rico, our small, has been such a TROOPER through all of this. He is starting to notice now that Easton is coming back home. He is missing his best friend\brother a lot too. We are there for him and he is loving it. Sometimes he will just lay somewhere and doesn't want to be bother with. Other times he wants to play or follow you around. 

We are all taking it one day at a time. It will get better..........so I have heard. 

There is this amazing group on Facebook call Rainbow Bridge, they are a close group, but they will let you in. There are so many nice people there that are in your situation. They understand what you are going through. I love this group.

Saying goodbye

in , , by Kelly , February 09, 2016

This is one of the hardest post I have ever written........I can't stop crying....

Sunday, our sweet 14 year old dog Easton went to doggie heaven. 

He hasn't been feeling good for the last few months. We took him to the vet and they gave him some meds to help him. His legs were giving out on him and he wasn't himself. He was loosing hair. He would just lay on the floor and breathe hard. 

Last Thursday, he was "telling us" it was almost time. Saturday, he didn't want to take his meds.....that was one sign. Then Sunday morning, my dad got up to take the dogs out and he had seen that Easton peed on himself in the chair.......the other sign. So we called our vet and they trasfered us to an ER vet. We said our last goodbyes and he went peacefully to doggie heaven.

Coming home without him was so hard. Knowing that he isn't going to be there when we pull up or not playing with him anymore or feeding him. Our small Rico, LOVED his big brother. He really doesn't know yet that Easton is not coming home anymore. But we will be there for Rico and love on him. Easton LOVED his little brother as well. 

We LOVED him so very much and will miss him so very much.

Easton, thank you for being such an amazing dog. We enjoyed the wonderful memories we had with you. You will always be in my heart. I will miss you so much. I know Rico will miss you too. You were an amazing big brother to him. Rest in peace my beautiful, sweet angel. I will never ever forget you
 8/12/01- 2/7/16

Pretty day in my hometown

by Kelly , February 04, 2016
Saturday, I went downtown for 2 parades. A friend and I went for walk between parades

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