Our beloved mascot

in , by Kelly , May 29, 2016
We here LOVE our beloved mascot Mike the Tiger. He has cancer and Saturday they took him to one of the BEST cancer center here in Baton Rouge. They did  a run-through of how radiation therapy for spindle cell sarcoma would be done. To read about it, click on the link below

Mike the Tiger has LSU police escort as doctors perform run-through on cancer treatment

Mike has been getting flowers from all over. The local zoo and from other teams and their mascots. Very classy to all of them.

I have seen this sign all over Baton Rouge.....so cool

All we are doing is keep on praying and hope he fights this horrible cancer

Pool day

by Kelly , May 26, 2016

The pool is open at the house. It's a pretty day. Hope yall are having a good day

Goodbye Nashville

by Kelly , May 25, 2016

Tonight is the series finale of Nashville. I loved this show. Sad to see it go

Mike the Tiger

by Kelly , May 23, 2016
This is a very sad day for us LSU fans. Our beloved mascots has been diagnosed with 'extremely rare' form of cancer. They are going to take him to one of the BEST hospitals here in Baton Rouge. He is a cool tiger. Hopefully they will get it, he will be able to greet people and have another football season.

Stay strong Mike. We LOVE you and sending prayers over your way
"Mike the Tiger has a rare form of cancer called spindle cell sarcoma, LSU reports. He'll undergo radiation treatment at Mary Bird Perkins - Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center, but doctors think he'll only live 1-2 more years. Mike VI will be 11 on July 23. Tigers in captivity can live 14-18 years."

What. A. Night

by Kelly , May 20, 2016

Last night we had very bad storms. I mean very bad. Winds and flooding. Even a tornado was heading our way. This morning it looked like a hurricane had hit. There were small and huge branches everywhere. It's going to be a busy weekend cleaning up

 Hey y'all, I just wanted to tell y'all that I updated my Food Blog page. So go over there and follow it. Got alot of great things to eat and tips. Thank you and have a great week

Yesterday I was in the store and saw these Campbell's slow cooker \sauces flavors. Some of them looks really good. I got two to try. 

Making this one tonight. It sure does smell so good in my house. Will serve it  wth corn on the cob

Can't wait to try this one

Words to go by

by Kelly , May 12, 2016

Posted on my phone

Kentucky Derby

by Kelly , May 07, 2016
As some of y'all know I went to the Belmont and saw a Triple Crown Winner last year. It was so much fun, I will NEVER EVER forget that as long as I live.

Today is the Kentucky Derby and two of the horses are owned by no other than Saints onwer's Tom and Gayle Benson. We Saints are so pround that 2 horses are running today.


I can't wait to see how they do. Hopefully one of them wins. It should be a fun race!!!

Let's GEAUX MO TOM and TOM'S READY.......make us proud!!!!  WHO DAT!!!!!

Happy Weekend

by Kelly , May 06, 2016
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