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by Kelly , Monday, September 25, 2017
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't blog in a while. Been busy and sick

Well, the St. Jude walk was wonderful!!! It was a wonderful turned out. Raised a lot of money for the sweet kids. 3 miles kicked my butt hahaha, but it was all for a great caused. I have another walk at the end of October for ALS. Got to get back into walking before that one.

When the walk was done, we headed to my brother and SIL's house to visit them and the kids. Had a great time with the kids. They are something else.

That Sunday, I started to feel bad. My throat was hurting when I swallowed. I was feeling tired. When we got home, I ate some and then went straight to bed and didn't wake up till the next morning (Monday) with barely a voice and my throat worst. I went to the Dr's and he said it was strep throat. He gave me meds and a shot. It basically felt like I had my tonsils out again. It was hard to eat and drink. The meds and the shot weren't working, so on Wednesday, I had to go back to the Dr's and she gave me a new kind of meds.

 As of today, my throat is still sore, but not like last week and I am still taking the meds. Cold fluids are still hard to swallow and I am still barely eating. I am ready for all of this to be OVER!!!!! I am still somewhat tired.......being sick sucks. Having strep really sucks!!!

Hope you all have a great week!!!!
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