USA Women's Hockey 2018

by Kelly , February 22, 2018
Congratulations to Team USA Women's Hockey on winning the GOLD last night in the Olympics!!!  I stayed up and watched it. WHAT. A. GAME!!!! Canada played a great game as well, but the USA got the gold!!! I am so proud of these girls!!! Way to go Team USA!!!! 

Praying for Parkland

by Kelly , February 15, 2018
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Parkland, Fl. My heart aches for the families who lost loves ones and for everyone in Parkland. 

May GOD be with them all and hold each of them in his arms

THIS HAS TO STOP!!!! The school shootings and the violence MUST STOP!!!! Innocent people are getting shot at or getting killed.


in , by Kelly , February 11, 2018

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