Thursday, March 8, 2018


  1. Eyelash Curler: Yes
  2. Favorite nail shade:I am really not too picky 
  3. Favorite lipstick shade: Nude or light pink(sometimes I will go dark.....NOT black)
  4. Blow dry hair or Air dry hair: Both
  5. Artificial nails:Used to do fake nails. Now I am letting my grow out
  6. Foundation: Yes. I have a few. I don't know the names at the moment 
  7. Hair up or Hair down: Hair down when it's clean and hair up when I need to wash it 
  8. Bar soap or Body wash: Both
  9. Bath or Shower: Either
  10. Favorite body lotion: I really don't have any favorites 
  11. Do you wear perfume? If so, favorite scent?: Sometimes, again, I don't know the name at the moment
  12. Do you shave your legs everyday?: Not really. When my legs feel prickly, I do hahaha
  13. Faviote lip balm: I am really not too picky
  14. How old were you when you first started to wear make-up?: 13, lip gloss. 17 or 18 full make-up and now I am getting back into wearing make-up

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