See you later (for now) Louisiana

We are heading to Texas to go close on the house and get all moved in. I am excited to see what this new chapter in my life and my dad's life brings. I am happy that my brother and his family live in the same neighborhood as us. We also know others that live in the same city.

Notice the new name on this blog?

Well hopefully, I can do a good job on blogging about my new chapter in Texas. I can't wait to share more. I can do a blog post about my favorite places to eat. Yes, I have favorite places to eat already. I have going to some amazing restaurants when I was visiting my brother and his family

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Very true

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Getting into shape..

For Black Friday lol

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Picking up Halloween

Preparing the move to Texas

Trying to work on 3 lists

Feeling nervous about moving to Texas, because I have only lived in Louisiana 

Following (nothing that I can think of at the moment)

Big news!!!

My dad bought a house in Texas and I will be living there as well. We are going to still have the other house in Louisiana. The best part about the house in Texas, it's near my brother and his family!!! I will post some pics and a video of it................oh and we go back in 2 weeks and move in!!!!