MIA Lately-This and That

I used to be a good blogger, but this year I have been a bad one. This year has been bad. I have been in a slump of blogging lately. Same with reading. 

Still not really going into a lot of places. Wearing my mask, staying safe. I ended up happened to take 2 covid tests a few months ago and both were NEGATIVE !!! Thank goodness!!!  Turned out I had a sinus infection each time.

Been back and forth from La to Tx. Gumbo the hamster is doing amazing. He is so funny and such an amazing hamster.

Thanksgiving was ok. Was supposed to go to my grandparents, but my mom got sick so we didn't go. Instead, I had Thanksgiving with my dad and that was fun. I cooked. 

I started watching Desperate Housewives again. I am on season 2. Forgot how good this show was. I am reading Everything Beautiful in Its Time: Seasons of Love and Loss by Jenna Bush Hager. Very good book so far

KD Creations is going well. Kind of slow right now. Started it in July. Still got some more growing to do and I am totally fine with that

Excited that Christmas is getting closer!!! Love this time of year. It's so magical and peaceful!!

Hopefully I will be a better blogger and reader in 2021. Have a wonderful and safe Holiday season!! 

Fall and Halloween Edition

 Linking up with Monthly Musings

 Decorate for Fall. Do it every year after Halloween

For the past few years, we go to my brother and his family's house to have Halloween with my niece and nephew 

I am not sure, hopefully we will be in Texas

Don't really have a favorite fall recipe 

Really don't have much Fallish weather here. We do get cool weather, so I would say light long sleeve shirt and jeans\legging 

This is my mom's favoite for my brother and I haha. She would make our costumes. On and these glowed in the dark

There are so many haha Reeses

I have always like Hocus Pocus

*hint the shirt I made lol*

NO on scary movies

 I really like apple cider

Hey hey hey

How's it going? Sometimes I forget I even have a blog lol oops. I used to be good at doing posts and reading who I follow. I have been slacking off lately. Even been slacking off with reading, my Paint by Number and Diamond Arts. 

Been busy with life and my new business. 

I just write this blog for me and for whoever wants to read it. Here is an idea, comment below if you read my posts when I post them. I would like to know who reads them

         What going on lately

  • Working on my business
  • Barley going anywhere because of STUPID COVID
  • Hanging out with family and my hamster lol *such a cutie*
  • Seeing what this hurricane season is doing. Been CRAZY 
  • Haven't been to Texas lately. Might be going back this coming Friday
  • Just hanging there, ready for 2020, and COVID to be OVER!!

Hope y'all are doing good during this time. Hopefully it will all get back to normal soon!!

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What's been going on:

Hey y'all!!! Still here!!!!

Not really going anywhere these days. Well, I take that back, I do go pick up food from the store or go to the doctors. I have been limiting myself to going to a lot of places.... still. I did however go to Target and did not feel the vibe that I usually do. I did get two things. I usually walked around the store, but this trip I did not.

I did start a new business last month. I had 2 orders so far and making premade. items You can find my page on Facebook at KD Creations!! I am still working on my hair ties.

Hope y'all are staying safe!!! 


Bad blogger here

Hey I am still here. Just being a bad blogger

Gumbo the hamster is doing good!!! So happy he is in my life
They are finally back!!!!!!

I have heard that hockey is going to be back too!!! Oh man, I have missed sports so much. Been watching a lot of Family Feud(which is a funny and fun show to watch) 


Have a  great weekend everyone!!! Stay safe!!!

My 39th birthday (July 4th)

My mom threw me and my nephew a birthday party on my actual birthday(July 4th). My nephew's birthday was July 1st. For about 3 years now we have a party together at my mom and stepdad's house. Just my brother and his family and my dad came. We had good food and lots of fun in the pool!!!  

I love sharing a birthday party with him and he loves it too

Finally got one!!!
Got this from my sister-in-law, brother and the kids!!! It's cool!!! 

The full cup

Finally got one!!!! I love it. I have already done 2 projects


I am still here!! Just been somewhat busy. Here is what I have been up to lately:
  • Working on my 2nd paint by numbers(this one is very detailed, so it's going slow)
  • Been reading some. You can see what I have been reading on my book blog
  • I have moved back to my Facebook pages- Hair Ties and Headbands
  • Been playing with Gumbo. I can't get enough of this cute hamster!!! He is my world
  • I have been limiting places to go. I only go to places IF I need to or need something. I do curbside for groceries. I haven't been in a grocery store since March 

My nephew turns 5 on July 1st and I turn 29........... I mean 39 hahaha on July 4th!!! Please excuse me while I go sit in a corner and cry for both. Hahaha

On a lighter note BASEBALL IS FINALLY BACK!!!!! I am so excited!!! Can't wait for it to come back, even though it's a short season, I am just excited!!!!

Have a wonderful week and have a safe July 4th!!!!!


I am back in Louisiana!!! I got back on Sunday. 1st thing I did was go to my mom and stepdad's house and gave them big hugs!!! I was so happy to see them and hug them. It was amazing!!!

I am going to miss Texas. Going to miss the open space at the Texas house. Going to miss my huge window in my room. I am going to miss my nephew and niece and brother and sis-in-law the most!!! It was fun seeing them every day. Oh I can't forget my doggie nephew, Striker.  I'll be back soon, but not too soon ha

Monday my dad and I spent the whole day cleaning the house in La. We walked in on Sunday and it was muggy. Now it's spotless. 

I think Gumbo is happy to be back home in La. He only spent a week at the house before we had to go to TX

I haven't been anywhere yet. Still not that conformable going into places. We did a grocery pickup and that's all. I think it's going to be a while when I go into a place(still have to wear a mask though. That's ok)

I really have to into my work area and straighten that up.........it's going to be a chore haha. Can't wait to do more live shows with my hair ties and headbands

Today(Tuesday) I am going to watch my shows on my DVR. Good for a rainy day

Enough rambling. I hope y'all have a wonderful week!!!

Update on DIY painting by numbers and new one

This one was so much fun to do!!! I can't wait to start the new one I just got today(Wednesday)

Done 5\19

Just ordered this one today(Wednesday)  Can't wait to do it!! Got it on Amazon

What's going on lately

Still in Texas!! It's been 2 months since I have been here

 I have been keeping busy while I am here. I am now doing DIY Paint by Numbers(which is fun), been reading, had a Zoom book club meeting, started a new(old) show on Netflix, The Office. OMG, why did I waited so long to start it?!?!?! It's so good and funny!!! Playing with Gumbo, who is doing good and being so cute as always!!! Been spending time with my brother, his family and their dog. 

The good news is that Louisana opened back up on Friday and we are going to be going back sometime next weekend, which I can't wait. I can't wait to see my mom and bouns dad!!!! I will miss the house here in Texas, but we will be back on and off. I will miss my brother, his family and their dog so much, but thank goodness for Facetime!!!

The book we are reading for book club is:
The mega-talented creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and executive producer of How to Get Away With Murder chronicles how saying YES for one year changed her life―and how it can change yours, too.

With three hit shows on television and three children at home, the uber-talented Shonda Rhimes had lots of good reasons to say NO when an unexpected invitation arrived. Hollywood party? No. Speaking engagement? No. Media appearances? No.

And there was the side benefit of saying No for an introvert like Shonda: nothing new to fear.

Then Shonda’s sister laid down a challenge: just for one year, try to say YES to the unexpected invitations that come your way. Shonda reluctantly agreed―and the result was nothing short of transformative. In Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes chronicles the powerful impact saying Yes had on every aspect of her life―and how we can all change our lives with one little word. Yes.

Fight to the Finish Fly Over 5/10/2020 (TEXAS)

In honor of those that served and sacrificed during WWII, and to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the Lone Star Flight Museum and its supporting partners will fly nearly 30 rare and historic warbirds over the City of Houston in an epic aviation event called the Fight to the Finish Flyover.

                                     Saw this in my Texas neighborhood and it was SOOOOOO cool!!! 

DIY painting update

To tell you the truth, I LOVE this painting by numbers!!! It's so much fun and time goes by. I had to get some new brushes because I hated the brushes that came with the paint kit. I also got painters tape of the sides, top and bottom. 

                                                    So below are the brushes, day 1 and day 4

Add caption

Under the bathroom sink organization

My bathroom in Texas is WAY smaller than the one in Louisiana and I have limited space to work with. I got some new under the sink bins and I love them. However, I had to order 2 more. I will post the link down below!!! They hold a lot and don't take up too much space. They even stack on top of each other. I am getting purple Sunday. I will probably label them so I know what is in each bin


Making dinner in the crockpot. I have been cooking so much than normal

Missing my mom, stepdad and grandparents so much! I miss my house in Louisiana so much too. I have been in Texas at my other house with my dad and hamster for 2 months now. Hopefully, we can head back to La very soon.  Stupid Covid-19. Going to miss Mother's Day with my mom and grandma this year, but I got it handle

Learning new things about my nephew and niece when I am here in Texas. They are 4 and 3 and they are so much to watch and play with. I have enjoyed the past 2 months with them

Loving that I can Facetime, text and call my mom, stepdad, and grandparents every day. I loving seeing their faces

Reading all kinds of books (will post them down below) 

I do have a blog, IG, FB and Twitter book related. The blog and FB page links are up on the top of the page 


New project

I can't wait to start this! Looks so cool and fun!!! I got this from Amazon, which I'll post the link below. This will probably take me a year or two to get done hahaha. I will have a tab up top for y'all to keep track of my progress!!!