Pearland's Farmers Market

Sunday my dad and I went to the Pearland's Farmers Market. It was pretty cool, very small and very friendly people. 

They are from Shark Tank......Cousins Maine Lobster

OMG so good!!!!!

Made this with chicken tonight and it was amazing

Can't wait to make this 

Got this to help me keep focus. Hope it works. I have serve ADHD

2 in 1 coat

I needed a new coat.....very bad!! I went to Burlington. I found one that I really LOVE!!! It’s a 2 in 1 and I got it for a really great price too!! 

White-heavy jacket with a hood
Rose Gold-light jacket

The hood can be taken off

Nephew & Niece's Valentines

My dad and I gave my nephew and niece their Valentine's gifts last night.

Each bag has: stickers, hardcover notebooks, puzzles, candy

The coloring set also has watercolor paint 

Happy Valentines to me!!!!

The bath bomb, salts and foaming bath all smells amazing 

Random Texas things-February

I have been in Texas since last Friday and staying until Saturday the 15th. Here are a few things I have gotten so far while I have been here and other random pictures.

Got these cute items at Rich Girl's Boutique 
the sweatshirt is so soft\comfy and the defuser smells amazing 

Got these cute items at Silver Bee Boutique

Haven't tried these yet

 This was at a place we had dinner pretty and very good place to eat Killen’s TMX
*So far I have loved all the places that I have eaten here. I'll do a list sometime*

Our house is right across the street

Yes this a Friends shirt lol


loving: the book I am reading for book club and Little Fires Everywhere

embracing: want to hold my nephew and niece tight in my arms, so they won't grow up

tasting: nothing at the moment 

wearing: been living in sweatpants

preparing: for next week when I go to Texas. We get the nephew and niece for a few days

The Masked Singer

Have y'all seen this show? I so love it. It's so good!! I have watched all of the previous seasons and TONIGHT Season 3 starts. I am so excited!!!! Here are the list of characters for this season. 

Oh and for those who haven't seen it before, did I mention that there are famous people in the costumes? You also don't know who they are until they get eliminated and they take off the mask. The only time you will hear their real voice is when they sing.  

Go check it out after the Super Bowl tonight!!!!  

Hello February

January was very long or maybe it was just me!!!