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in , by Kelly, Wednesday, April 29, 2020

It's been six weeks since I have been in Texas!!! It doesn't feel like it. It feels like it's been longer. I am ready to go back home, but if we head back home to La, I can't go to my mom's house and visit or see my grandparents.  Looks like La is expanding their stay-at-home deal until May 15th.


Being in Texas isn't bad because I have family here.  I have been visiting my brother and his family. Facetime my mom, stepdad and grandparents. Reading books. I got some new AirPods, so I have listing to books too. Been doing some diamond art. Also, watching Disney+, Hulu and Netflix. I have also been walking some too.  I have been playing with Gumbo. He is so cute and funny. Being busy isn't bad at all!!!


Here in Texas, things are starting to open up TOMORROW(Friday)  I am NOT ready to go back into places at this time. I am staying home for a while, even when we get back home to Louisiana!!!


I hope you and your loved ones are doing good and staying safe! Hang in there, hopefully this will all end very soon. However, I have heard somewhere that  this virus is coming back in the fall

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